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Hey everybody this is the adapter plate for a tdi going into whatever truck transmission you want to put it into i guess depending on what you want so basically it's three parts it's got this plate here that bolts on to any of the tdis or the 1.9 and the 2.0 anyway alh is what i'm running this on and this is the adapter that goes from volkswagen to flywheel of your choice i guess so mine go i'm going into a 924 runner so i got a flywheel for a 3.4 because it's a little bit bigger heavier duty and it has this bolt pattern right here so the other part is the plate that goes against your transmission and so this one couple with this one they can make pretty much any kid out of it it's kind of a sweet deal with a bunch of combination of parts so another cool deal about this is you've got different clocking positions you got one and two and a and b so you can go you can go a1 you can go a2 and go b1 b2 not that extremely sphere so you've got a lot of different um mounting options i'm i've already stabbed it at b2 so most extreme angle next i'm going to go back to like a1 or a2 almost straight up and down um the kit's really cool because mounting the dowels aligning dowels were a big concern i guess with acme kits and other kits they don't all have that so this kit uses this right here has a an aligning dial and this has an aligning dial from the factory so that's what aligns this plate on here this hub goes on to a machine conical shaft so this hub basically centers itself before you put the bolts in or actually they're they're studs with nuts on them so it ends up being a a really good aligned deal as far as this goes you're not just aligning it with your bolts where it can kind of go wherever it wants and then you bolt it down it should stay there but probably doesn't and then this uses dowel holes for the original transmission you're working with um so i don't know it's a really cool looking kit these were kind of a pain in butt in the butt to get on here i had to taper the end of the studs because they were just flat and then threaded so it was really hard to get the nuts on here um other than that it's gone together really well really good quality big heavy duty kit um get you out past this stupid thing if you've ever had to do a motor swap and that's getting in your way on everything so um i'll let you know how it goes and keep going and i guess tell people what angle i put it at and um all that ...

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