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All right here we are hi I'm Sam Gaylord and I am managing partner of the law firm of Gaylord pop in Trenton New Jersey and I am here today to continue our how-to series regarding different aspects of disability claims in New Jersey today what I'm going to talk to you about is how to apply for state temporary disability benefits now if you have been injured in the course of your employment under New Jersey law you should be receiving workers compensation benefits which would entitle you to medical treatment it would entitle you to receive temporary disability through the workers compensation insurance carrier which is 70 percent of your gross weekly wage and it would also entitle you to an award for your injury now there are situations where a worker has been injured and then there's either a question about how they got hurt or their disability is questioned as to whether or not it is work-related in that context if they are out of work doctor has them out of work then they are entitled to apply for state temporary disability benefits assuming the employer contributes and participates in that program there are certain municipalities certain entities that don't aren't forced to participate but for the most part the employers if they contribute to state disability and if they get hurt and if workers comp is denying the claim then they are entitled to apply for state temporary disability benefits in addition if you are injured at home or if you have an illness that is clearly not work-related but prevents you from being able to prevents you from being able to work then you are going to be entitled to apply for state temporary disability benefits so without further ado we're gonna do that and basically what you want to do is you go over to your web browser and you type in a New Jersey Department of Labor the search comes up right there as the first website and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna drop down here to temporary disability benefits like that and then you're going to come over here to where it says worker and you'll hit that and then where it says state disability benefits you'll hit that now this particular section of the webpage for temporary disability benefits discusses some of the primary issues that you'll need to know regarding eligibility how to apply and those things I'm going to sort of go with you through with you this morning as we're talking the first eligibility requirement is wage requirements and state disability requires that in order to have a valid claim that you have at least 20 calendar weeks or what they call base weeks in New Jersey covered employment where you have earned one hundred and forty-five dollars or more or it also indicates that if you've earned seventy three hundred dollars or more during the 52 weeks preceding your injury or what.