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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Texas standardized credentialing application 2022

Instructions and Help about Texas standardized credentialing application 2022

Hello everyone Derek Johnson with to tango comm I am here at the interrupt technologies booth with Josh from Interop and I asked him to sit down with me because yesterday the GSMA had a seminar on RCS business messaging and we couldn't film there but Josh actually was there they sponsored it and you presented right yes yeah I presented at the event it was a great event okay so everybody on YouTube is wondering what happened at this event so run through everything that happened at this event sure you know one of the things I would say would be very telling is one is the the room was completely full they had an annex and an overflow that was full of people so that that shows me that from an whether it be operator from an industry ecosystem there's a ton of interest this year an RCS which is which has been great you know we've seen it from whether it be operators were engaging with to you know that traditional RFI RFQ all those types of things are you know 2022 is going to be the year for us yes and I guess before we get into it since we're at the Interop technologies booth what is Interop technologies sure so in Rob's been involved in messaging from our inception so we at our core or messaging vendor if you know much about kind of that core technology you know SMS C's MMS C on the first product that I developed at Interop was actually a a2p gateway where we connected to you know aggregated the aggregators then connected to many mobile operators so for us it was a natural extension and we've been involved in RCS I'm all the way back when it was RCS and was joined and everybody was launching that the join pins and everybody walking around them we've stayed in there continue to develop the platform to where we prinfrastructure for mobile operators so we prthe ims core the RCS application servers the chatbot platform to manage and develop all these chat BOTS as well as interconnect hubs to interconnect to other mobile operators so for my mother that's watching essentially kind of what I heard is for smaller cares that maybe don't want to do all the heavy lifting of initiating building RCS you're kind of providing an out-of-the-box solution for them to add RCS to their network I would say yes so most of your smaller operators not really even smaller many are moving to the cloud so you know we do sell to tier 1 operators around the globe so if they're looking for on-premise solutions where they run and manage it or manage across many different properties all the way to like you're saying a smaller operator that says hey I don't have the technical expertise I don't have the time or they're looking for more flexible business models you know we handle we.


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