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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tdi provider

Instructions and Help about Tdi provider

Okay this is a quick video to show those folks out there that are interested to know how to change the oil themselves in a this is a Jetta TDI this particular model is a 2022 but others may be very similar so step one is to get a set of ramps to make it easier put the car up on ramps and then here I'll show you guys the material that's going to be required the drain plug itself uses a 19 millimeter wrench so we have that this is a inch and a quarter ratchet and socket for the actual oil filter here's the oil filter is a man filter hu7 19 / 7x and then the oil I'm gonna put into this is a Shell Rotella t6 set that full synthetic 5w 40 and it's gonna take a little more than then this particular quantity this is a gallon in here it's gonna take a little bit extra so we've got an extra can there for that alright let's get to it okay to get started I just want to remind everyone that I'm not a professional mechanic but this is just an oil change and it's not a big deal I've done it tons of times and so just pop the engine cover off and set it aside watch the dipstick here I've got to kind of get around it and then this engines already warmed up there's the oil filter right there what you want to do is you want to go ahead and loosen the cap to relief any pressure so you can see there's steam coming out of the oil because it's already warmed up so you want to go ahead and do that and then you want to adjust your drain pan that's underneath here to be under the drain plug we're not probably gonna get a great shot at it but I'm gonna take and my wrench directly over this and open it and we'll show it to you draining okay so we've just cracked the bolt loose it was 19 millimeters now we're gonna go ahead and drain this out this is pretty hot so I've got a nice 15 quart drain container here it's made to catch also this is what you want to use if you're gonna especially be draining it hot like I am and for me what I did is I put seafoam into my engine for about exactly a hundred miles so you can see there's no spill on the ground but my hands got a little bit and because that gloves on but I can tell you it's it is hot make sure it's draining into it and it is all right well let that drain out we'll go do the filter all right so now we're at the top side about to crack the filter and this is an inch and a quarter I think there's a metric version as well but.

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