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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Physician credentialing application

Instructions and Help about Physician credentialing application

So if you're more prepared then your file will go a lot smoother back at our house well it takes at least 45 to 60 days just to start you know a person and so if you're already licensed and that process is done everything just goes very smoothly so paperwork in order you know prior malpractice history and all that good stuff at comp help we get the physicians into the hospitals quicker we have a licensing team that is dedicated to focusing on licenses we've built relationships with boards we have familiarity and experience with entities that were reaching out to for verifications so it really does let us get those physicians into the hospitals quicker but with them I would say it is reference checks and background things checking out references and all that would be kinda becoming we have an in-house hospital privileges that works hand-in-hand with the medical staff office and that takes a lot of stress off with a recruiter because they don't have to worry about if their privileges are being done on time or if they're getting everything that they need from their credentialing department because those two departments are working together hand-in-hand to make sure that that doctors ready to go when the assignment starts you.

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