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What's the best way for a startup to budget future costs of Workers Compensation insurance?
One of the best ways to determine how much a startup will need to budget for workers compensation coverage is to find an experienced independent insurance agent whom you trust and can develop a working relationship with that agent. Independent agents are usually better than captive agents because they are not tied to one carrier or just a select few carriers. Independent agents sell the insurance products of a number of insurance carriers. Many carry the products of 20 or more carriers. This allows the independent agent to shop out your businesses policy to multiple carriers and force those carriers to compete for your coverage.When purchasing coverage for a startup, do not make your decision of which carrier to go with based solely on price. Speak long and honestly with your independent insurance agent about what the good and bad things are about each individual carrier. This is because insurance policies have very low margins. If one policy is dramatically cheaper compared to another carrier, there usually is a reason for it. The reason for a significantly cheaper rate is rarely because the carrier offers more coverage or has a reputation for exceptional customer service. When you file a claim, you will be glad that you bought coverage from a well-run insurance carrier and not the carrier who offered the lowest price.Additionally, you should partner with an independent insurance agent because they can help you determine how much payroll to expect and in turn how much your insurance coverage will be. Insurance carriers have payroll statistics for most industries and independent agents have access to these data from multiple carriers. Because of this knowledge they can help you determine how much to budget for workersu2022 comp coverage depending upon your industry and the state you operate in.
Why did my employer want me to use my insurance instead of workers compensation after my injury?
IF it is a COVERED work injury in your state, this is horrible and wrong. Workers comp insurance is just like auto insurance, the more claims against the policy , the higher the employeru2019s rates up and potentially they can be dropped by their carrier. If the claim is under workers comp, the injured worker has no deductibles, gets paid for time out of work and other benefits. Also, he could have no workers comp insurance and is trying to cover it up. If you have an injury that at first appears minor but turns out to be serious and you need surgery ,the workers comp carrier is going to deny your claim for failure to report. Also, health insurance will come after you if it is suppose to be paid by workers comp. You will be stuck with the bill and neither insurance will be responsible and your employer will have gotten off the hook.
How will the US fill the shortage of trade workers if Mexicans are kept out of the USA by a wall?
Reality check. Whether they put a wall or militarize the US/Mexican border, illegals FROM ALL OF LATIN AMERICA will continue to infiltrate the US. You need to separate the real technical issues from the political rhetoric that President Trump wishes you to buy at face value.All develop countries around the world need immigrants and the US is no exception. Far from it. If there is a perfect example of a developed country in need of immigrants the US is it.How will they do it? I really do not know. What I do know for fact is that for the last 240 years the US has depended on immigrants for much of itu2019s development. It was the black slaves, then the germans, then the irish, then these and then those, then us Mexicans and today Latin Americans in general.I really would like to see how they are going to pick up crops across the country at triple the cost to veggies, fruits and many many different crops. I would like to see the wine country with out foreigners to pick up the grapes.
How much time and money does it take for a new startup (50 employees) to fill out the paperwork to become a group for the purpose of negotiating for health insurance for their founders and employees?
I'm not sure if this is a purely exploratory question or if you're inferring that you're planning on navigating the group health insurance market without the assistance of a broker. If the latter, I'd caution against it for several reasons (which I'll omit for now for the sake of brevity).To get a group quote, generally all that's needed is an employee census. Some states apply a modifier to the rate depending on the overall health of the group members (for a very accurate quote, employees may need to fill out general health statements).Obtaining rates themselves can take a few minutes (for states like CA which don't have a significant health modifier) to several days.I suspect your cor question is the time/effort required once you've determined the most appropriate plan design for your company. This is variable depending on how cohesive your employee base is.Best case scenario - if all employees are in one location and available at the same time, I could bring an enrollment team and get all the paperwork done in the course of 1-3 hours depending on the size of your group. In the vast majority of cases, the employer's paperwork is typically around 6 pages of information, and the employee applications about 4-8 pages. Individually none of them take more than several minutes to complete.Feel free to contact me directly if you have specific questions or concerns.
How can my department stop night shift workers from taking food out of our fridge when they have access to the key?
Install a camera and let everyone know a camera is installed in the lunch area. This is if you want to be/need to be very strict about things.Send an email to all workers to not remove someone elseu2019s food from the fridge. Put a note in the lunch area, something to the effect: u201cIf itu2019s not your food, donu2019t take it. Bring your own food.u201dMilk and cream is problematic. Unless itu2019s clearly identified as belonging to a specific person, it might seem that it is there for all. I never used otheru2019s coffee creamers, but I know several people who assumed that it was put there for everyone to use. Or if 2 people decide to buy in because certain foods go bad and someone sees 2 people sharing from a container, they might be led to believe that itu2019s communal.
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